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Tired of not losing weight and you didn't know what to do ?

Strict died ended up you give up and eat more?

Your body is out of shape and you hate your figure?

Worry no more!!! Let me introduce to you the ultimate corset that will change your life forever!!!

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Before that let me introduce myself.

My name is Raihani, you can call me Hani. I am from Malaysia. I am a mother of 3 beautiful daughters and I am 37 years old.

Me in yellow scarf  when I was 85kg

I look older than my age. I was 34 years old when I took this photo

All these years, I've been struggling to lose weight and reshape my body.  I've tried so many products, so many protein shakes, signed up for slimming treatment and gym membership. Not to mentioned so many type of diets until i fed up. 

After that I gave up and my weight became 96kg. I was so obese until i admitted at Pantai Hospital during my 3rd pregnancy and Doctor quickly advised me to reduce weight. 

96 KG during my 3rd pregnancy

After giving birth to my 3rd daughter, I managed to reduce my weight to 85kg. Still obese and I quickly googling the best way to reduce and reshape my body. 

Then  i found this amazing superbrand and No. 1 corset in Malaysia, PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL. I got consultation from the Premium Beautiful Expert and i purchased straight away. I wear the corset 8-14 hours a day without failed. After 3 months consistenly wearing the corset, I managed to reduce from 85 kg to 69 kg, from size XXL to M now. I feel so happy, so excited and so relieved finally I found the safest way to reduce and reshape my body. Not only that, premium beautiful is so well known to protect your back bone from injury and to improve your back bone and slip disc injuries. 

Me with my mentor

So happy i get back my body shape


Premium Beautiful Corset is a SUPERBRAND Corset. It is currently the No. 1 choice in Malaysia for women who want to be healthy, beautiful and have high confidence. With its unique Far-Infrared-Rays (FIR) technology, as well as being recognised by 3 International Chiropractic Associations, it is no surprise that thousands of Malaysian women has chosen Premium Beautiful.

Premium Beautiful Corset is a 3 pieces set consist of 

Long Bra

Waist Nipper 

Long Girdle.

It comes in 2 design, which is Premium Beautiful (black color) and Premium Beautiful Elegance (Dark silver color).

Premium Beautiful Corset Features :
  1. The corset are specifically designed for 70% health and 30% beauty. Health and beauty will come together.
  2. Instant body shaping and slimming, while promote improved blood circulation and higher metabolic rate. Automatic you can see your body transform and reshape.
  3. Though each set is made from highly durable quality fabric, it still comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. So, u dont have to worry if your set is torn or need a fix service. Just send back the corset to me and i will send it to the company for fix service, FREE OF CHARGE.
  4. The pioneer in using Far Infrared Rays (FIR) technology in women lingerie. 
  5. Recommended by 3 International Chiropractic Associations.
  6. 360 degrees elasticity to promote highest level of comfort. Details can also be found at official website

It comes with different sizes, to suit your body shape.

If you are from Sabah Sarawak or staying outside Malaysia, you can help me determine the sizes by following this chart on how to measure your Premium Beautiful Corset size :

Testimonies after wearing Premium Beautiful Corset :

Whatsapp me for free consultation and fitting appointment. You won't regret!!!!

Hani 012-5592576.

Your Premium Beautiful Expert.

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